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figure8moms blog


by Stephanie Gong
Mother's Day is Everyday! Congratulations, you've made it and now it is time to get rewarded or reward yourself. My advice, give your husband/kids a list of items that you want or even need and then they can surprise you with one or all of them. (It's worked pretty well in my family.) Here are my favorites!
Any new mom or mom-of-three or four will love these gifts. Here are some of our favorites from some of our favorite brands and Figure 8 Moms.


Buy a cute matching PJ Set for you and your baby

What mom wouldn't love an outfit for the hospital that looks great and feels even better AND matches with her little one. Our Analise PJ Sets by Everly Grey are one of our favorites. They include a nursing friendly tank, comfy bottoms for before and after and a matching robe to cover-up when visitors arrive. It also includes a matching baby gown and hat. You can even take it a step further and include a matching outfit for older siblings, too.

You can also choose the Adaline 5-pc PJ Shorts Set and pair a sibling with a matching baby romper...How cute would that be?

Buy a Cute Dress or Jumper that goes a long way

A cute dress or jumpsuit will go a long way, especially one that is made to last and you can wear it pregnant, nursing and everyday, all day.These are our favorite finds that we love! These dresses and jumpsuits by Boob Design are made to last "Wear me, love me, then pass me forward."

Celebrate Mom with Matching outfits for all your girls

Twinning is definitely a fun way to celebrate mom! See how it's done here by Figure 8 Mom @xo_dynaa (pictured left)...she bought a Savanna Dress for herself, a Baby Ruffle Bubble for her little girl. And we also have older sibling Catalina Dress! OR

Spend your day in pajamas while your little ones wear a matching Kendyl Twirly Dress! and Baby Grey Ruffle Romper! that they will love! (pictured right @deanna.baltov)

Buy Yourself a Good Nursing Bra Starter Set

A good nursing bra is hard to come by and you'll need to make sure you have one that really functions and is super comfortable. Our favorite starter set features one of our favorite brands Bravado Designs. Our Must-Have list of Bras includes a sleep bra, an everyday nursing bra and 1 pump bra (if you are pumping) (Check out our Nursing Bra Guide)

Mom Will Love a Great Nursing Top that is Ecofriendly & Sustainable

Our favorite nursing tops by Boob Design are always a mom favorite. They love it because the top truly looks good, feels good and functions so well. It's a perfect gift so mom and baby can breastfeed anywhere, anytime. We love that it is made of organic cotton, too!

Mamas Love Skin-to-Skin and Keeping their Newborn Baby Close to Them

Oh how Moms love cuddles and we know they will love tops that keep baby close, allowing for great support, securing baby in an optimal position and allowing you to enjoy hands-free snuggles. We love all the skin-to-skin action that these tops provid

Moms Love Baby Carriers

The gift of ease and function is always important and the ability to hold baby and do other things is even better. We love gifting Baby Carriers by Baby Ktan and Moby Wrap because there is always such a great reaction.

"I remember carrying my littles ones in the Baby K'tan all the time. I loved them because they were so easy to put on and when I had them in there, I could do so many things. They would sleep in there or just stare up at me, while I cleaned the house or made dinner. These are truly easy to put on and comfortable to wear." (@sgong6) Will make a great gift for any mom or dad.