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figure8moms blog


by Hebe Axon: Mom-of-2 in the UK

It has been quite a journey. Two weeks after finding out I was pregnant, we went into lock-down in the UK, AND I also have a toddler who is now 18 months. When comparing the two pregnancies, they are obviously very different because of the circumstances. First of all, nobody was allowed to attend any of my appointments or scans. Having suffered a previous miscarriage a few years ago, I have always paid for an early reassurance scan at private clinics. Not all were open due to the coronavirus, so I had to use one I hadn’t been to before, to confirm my pregnancy. And again, I had to attend alone.

Being totally honest, it’s very surreal – and obviously, with not knowing the extent of the risks for pregnant women, we were all placed into the high-risk category. I tried to shield as much as possible, besides the odd late-night food shop, which I did alone. It’s slightly disheartening that my partner could not attend my scans because I believe for the Dad that is one of those bonding moments as they can’t feel movements or the pregnancy symptoms, so this was upsetting.

My original booking appointment with my midwife got delayed as I was forgotten about, which then delayed my 12-week scan slightly. When my scan came around, attending the hospital alone was a bit daunting and very strange to say the least. All the markings were on the floor for the 2-meter social distancing and chairs were taped off, so everyone had to sit apart. The staff were all wearing PPE (masks, gloves, aprons etc) and all were lovely just a little stressed (understandably).

My 16-week appointment with my midwife was arranged to be over the phone, again slightly disheartening as usually they check blood and urine to see for any infections/making sure everything looks okay; this also means no doppler checks, so I wouldn’t get to hear the heartbeat. Not very reassuring, I was told I wouldn’t be seeing a midwife until 25-weeks face-to-face. It is upsetting but I am very grateful this isn’t my first baby as I’d probably be freaking out more and would be upset missing out on certain pregnancy milestones.

Last week it was released that partners could now attend 20-week hospital scans, which is brilliant for those without children, but for those with children, their partners still can’t attend as you can’t go as a family. For my 20-week scan in 2 weeks I will have to take my little girl as my partner can’t get the time off work and I have nobody to look after her (I have arranged for this with the hospital).

Although certain things have changed, I’m having a much better pregnancy this time around with barely any symptoms and enjoying my time with my little girl at home. I’ve spent nearly my entire pregnancy under lockdown and on furlough, but I feel extremely positive! I do hope things have changed a little more when it comes to me going into labour...things are changing every week so we shall see!

Hebe Axon