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figure8moms blog


by S. Gong

           Getting your baby to sleep for a solid 10 hours is like unlocking a treasure trove of rest for both you and your little one! Honestly, I can’t believe she did it and she has been doing to for a week,now. 

          So here is what I did...It’s all about creating a cozy bedtime ritual that’s as soothing as a gentle lullaby or close to it, especially, when you have two other kids to manage and keep quiet. Picture this: a warm bath to wash away the day’s adventures, followed by a snuggly massage with this awesome lotion by Viviaodays and a sweet bedtime story to ease into sleepy mode. We have been reading “Goodnight Moon.” And, let’s not forget about setting the stage for dreamland bliss! Dark, quiet, and comfy—those are the magic ingredients for a sleep sanctuary. Think dark lighting, a peaceful ambiance, and maybe even some calming tunes or white noise to lull your baby into dreamland. We use the natural noise of the rest of the family. But here is my real Gamechanger… this amazing swaddle wrap by Embe.

I started using this starter swaddle with my little one when she came home from the hospital. It was great and got her sleeping for 4 hours consistently. (By the way, diaper changes are pretty easy in these and eventually only need to be changed once/ night by 1 month. Once she stopped pooping at night I started putting her in larger size diapers or overnights, so she would not leak out and wake up.)

At about 3 months, I transitioned her to this transitional swaddle one as she grew out of her little one and has more control of her arms. The last two nights, I kept her up for 3-4 hours before putting her to bed, making sure I fed her prior to sleeping so she is full. By 7:30, she is bathed, read to and swaddled with a little feed to help her go to sleep. I still have not figured out how to just rock her to sleep. 

Sample Schedule or close to it

  • 7:00 Bath
  • 7:10 massage and change
  • 7:15 feed 7:30 read book
  • 7:35: feed or rock to sleep in swaddle
  • 5:30 am she wakes up and I feed her back to sleep
  • 7:30- up for the day

 Remember, every baby is unique, so don’t sweat the bumps in the sleep road. With a sprinkle of patience, a dash of flexibility, and a whole lot of love, you’ll uncover the perfect sleep recipe for your little one—and maybe even catch some Zzzs yourself along the way!  It's not easy, so be patient with yourself and your are learning together.