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Why Tikiri?

Tikiri makes top-quality handcrafted toys using natural and organic materials. Providing a delightful alternative to mass produced plastic toys, Tikiri uses eco-conscious materials such as natural rubber and organic cotton to create their uniquely charming toys that inspire creative play. A family-owned and run business with a long history in toy making, Tikiri proudly produces toys that are socially and ecologically responsible according to the highest safety standards in the world (European EN71 Standards).

Tikiri's Bonikka Dolls collection was inspired by a their 120-year-old family tradition of treasured dolls passing from generation to generation. Each Bonikka doll has her own personality and has been lovingly crafted from natural materials and designed to start your own family tradition.

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Why Natural Rubber Teethers?

Natural rubber is soft, flexible and pleasant to chomp on. Babies gravitate towards the skin-like texture of natural rubber and its light natural scent. It gives us great peace of mind that natural rubber is non-toxic, 100% plastic-free and produced without any petroleum byproducts. It is also free of lead, BPA, Phthalates and other dangerous chemicals.

Tikiri uses natural rubber from Hevea Brasiliensis trees sustainably grown at small certified organic plantations in Sri Lanka, where their teethers are produced. This cuts down on transportation and CO2 emissions of their main raw material. Rubber sap is extracted the traditional way by hand-tapping which does not harm the tree. No chemical stabilizers, preservatives or anti-fungal agents are added to the rubber ensuring that Tikiri toys are as pure and natural as can be. The teethers are hand-painted with food-safe vegetable paints.

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