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Boob Design Fast Food Stripes Nursing Bra

by Boob Design
(Product #12803)
Product Ratings: (26)

We do not currently have any Boob Design Fast Food Stripes Nursing Bra available for sale

More Info

  • Machine Wash
  • Made in Turkey


Size Chart for Boob Design Fast Food Stripes Nursing Bra

Customer Reviews

I'm so excited about this bra! It's so cute and comfortable. I like the lower cut, and the fit was exactly what I'd expect based on the size charts. Definitely worth the $$, as I'm sure I'll be wearing it almost exclusively. Planning on buying more when baby arrives. Made the initial mistake of trying to save a few bucks by shopping for 'similar' nursing bras at Target...won't be wasting any more time there. I had high expectations of this bra, and it has exceeded them all. super happy!
Reviewed by , 9 months pregnant
Super comfortable. Supportive without feeling restrictive. This bra is easy to wear under regular clothes. You can pop the fronts down with one hand to nurse. It's a little expensive, but totally worth it, especially if you only buy a couple of nursing bras and need them to be versatile. It also comes with a bra extender which is super helpful as your breast size fluctuates.
Reviewed by , nursing a newborn
Love these bras! They are excellent for nursing because of the stretch that adjusts to your constantly changing breast size. They are also comfortable to wear and easy to nurse in. The clip is easy to undo and redo with one hand. The material is soft and stretchy. They also come with a bra extender to fit a variety of sizes. Highly recommend these bras!
Reviewed by
Absolutely love this bra! It's extremely comfortable, supportive, and the clip at the shoulder can be undone with one hand - essential for when you're nursing a squirmy newborn. And the colors are great. I bought another one just like this after using this one for a week.
Reviewed by , nursing a newborn
wish it were padded, but very comfortable like the Bravado body silk. It was a bit tight at first, but I'm expecting it to stretch out over time and/or my rib cage to shrink after baby. The good thing is they include a bra extender.
Reviewed by , 6 days to EDD
I have this bra in black as well and have been wearing most of my pregnancy. They are incredibly comfortable and attractive! I feel like I still have nice cleavage/form which seems to go out the window with other nursing bras.
Reviewed by , 9 months pregnant
LOVE THIS! This is so comfortable and pretty. The best part is that it stretches to accomodate the constant up and down size of your breasts with breastfeeding. I highly recommend this bra. The size chart is spot on as well.
Reviewed by
Great bra, comfortable and soft fabric. My only complaint is I wish they would have tacked down the coverage flap in the middle so that when you put it back it would cover up the band of fabric circling the breast.
Reviewed by , nursing a newborn

About Boob Design

The idea of Boob was born on a cold, windy day in the autumn of 1999. Mia Seipel, founder of Boob, was having coffee with her sister in a park in Stockholm. Watching her sister nurse her newborn baby son, her waist was bare to the icy, northern wind, she had an idea. Deciding that it should be every mother's right to be able to nurse in comfort and in style, she developed Boob Nursing- a Swedish patented innovation with an exceptionally beautiful fit.

Boob has won dedicated fans all over the world from the day it hit our store. After discovering Boob, moms return in their subsequent pregnancies for more of their wardrobe favorites. Made with such quality, Boob garments are made to be worn, washed and loved, over and over again.

Sustainability and wholesomeness are at the heart of Boob's identity. Their garments are 100% OEKO-TEX certified. This means you have the reassurance that they have been fully tested for harmful and illegal substances. How important is this when your nursing clothes are being worn closest to your skin and you're constantly snuggling baby up to feed?

Boob is also a GOTS-Certified (Global Organic Textile Standard) company. This means that all stages of production from cotton cultivation to finished product are monitored to meet stringent social and environmental standards.

When you purchase a Boob garment, you are also making a choice for social responsibility. All Boob product takes place in Europe, and Boob works closely with their producers to ensure a clean, safe and fair workplace for all.