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Ingrid & Isabel Bellaband

by Ingrid & Isabel
(Product #13318)
Product Ratings: (63)

Ingrid & Isabel Bellaband (Black) by Ingrid & Isabel
Ingrid & Isabel Bellaband (White) by Ingrid & Isabel

Product Description

The BellaBand just got better. Introducing a stay-put silicone strip for extra hold and added length for even more coverage and versatility.

BellaBand is a carefully constructed essential designed to hold up unbuttoned waistbands, loose maternity wear and garments that slip down around a late-pregnancy belly. Spend less time thinking about your pants and enjoy flaunting your belly. Now featuring a stay-put silicone strip for more hold and added length for extra coverage.

  • Wear throughout and after pregnancy
  • Seamless construction
  • Specifically designed to expand and recover for pregnancy
  • Adjustable; wear full-length or fold for extra hold
  • High-density, ultra-soft knit blend
  • Fabric won’t pill, fade or lose elasticity
  • New stay-put silicone strip offers more hold
  • New longer length offers extra coverage

More Info

  • 84% Nylon, 16% Spandex
  • Machine wash warm gentle cycle with like colors.
  • Made in Turkey
  • Stay-put silicone strip offers more hold

  • Longer length offers extra coverage


Size Chart for Ingrid & Isabel Bellaband

Customer Reviews

I had bought Target's version and while it worked somewhat, it would roll up and not stay put- especially in the car while driving! I decided to pay the extra money and try out the Bella Band. So much better! I am able to continue to wear pre-preg pants- unzipped, unbuttoned and this really does stay put. Looks like a layered shirt underneath- not obvious and so comfortable. I don't know how it works compared to the original Bella, I imagine the plastic helps it stay put. I ordered a black and white. Worth the investment!
Reviewed by , 5 months pregnant
I bought this after not being satisfied with a band bought at Target. Friends and reviews recommended Bella Band, and I see why. The band hold firmly, but not uncomfortably. A size 10 prepregnancy, I bought the size 2 and it works great. I already use it because of lots of bloating, some weight gain and because I already started out with some extra weight around my midsection. The band has a newly-added band of some kind of silicone or plastic that grips your jeans very well.
Reviewed by , 10 weeks pregnant
The Bellaband does indeed do the job of keeping my pants up now that they don't button anymore! At first the band was slipping up at the back, but once I got the hang of how to wear it, it worked pretty well. I'd definitely recommend folding it over once or twice until your bump gets bigger. I got nude, but I'd actually suggest getting one the same color as your pants or jeans as sometimes the bottom of it might show.
Reviewed by , 4 months pregnant
Comfortable and works well for keeping pants up when unzipped. I'm usually pant size 6 or 8 US (38 European), and the size 1 works well for me. I double the band over, but for lighter weight pants using the band in a single layer also works fine. Some pants need hiking up throughout the day, espcially ones that sit higher on the waist to begin with. Haven't tried it on skirts so not sure how it works.
Reviewed by , 5
I really love my bella band. It holds up my jeans very well, you just have to make sure that you pull it down far enough so it doesn't slip off the back of your jeans. It covers up my pockets... which isn't the greatest aspect of it, but to be able to wear my old jeans it is worth it. Very comfortable and in the earlier months of the second trimester is shapes out the belly very attractively.
Reviewed by , almost four months pregnant
I was not happy with the price of this product. I have experiencing a complicated pregnancy & become ill when things are tight around my stomach. So this was not the savior I was hoping for, early in my pregnancy. I'm Hoping it will work later on for me. Also my band frayed with one use, I was able to cut the pieces off but don't know what will happen if I need to wash it.
Reviewed by , 2 months
The quality of this product is excellent. I love the silicone strip at the bottom of the band, it really helps to keep the band in place. The sizing seems to be on the small side. I ordered size 1 based on the measurements provided and my pre-pregnancy size. I am not sure that this product will last me very far into my pregnancy, but I am happy with the fit at this stage.
Reviewed by , 8 weeks pregnant
I'm usually a size 0/2 (XS) and I bought the smallest size they offered for early in my pregnancy so that I could still wear my jeans but without a belt. It did fit, but not snug enough to hold my jeans in place, which is why I took away one star. However, hopefully it will be useful later on in my pregnancy bc all these books and blogs say a belly band is a must have.
Reviewed by

About Ingrid & Isabel

Ingrid and Isabel offers a collection of essential and everyday items ideal for pregnancy and after. They design for function with an appreciation for fashion. They seek and even develop fine fabrics and employ detailed craftsmanship to address the needs of pregnant women, their wardrobes and their ever-changing bodies.