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Esembly Stay-Dry Washable Fleece Liners - 12 Pack

by Esembly
(Product #22984)

We do not currently have any Esembly Stay-Dry Washable Fleece Liners - 12 Pack available for sale

Product Description

These super-soft fleece liners lay on top of your Inner and create a moisture wicking barrier to keep your baby's skin feeling extra dry. Stay-Dry liners also prevent diaper staining, and once your babe starts eating solid foods, these washable liners make removing poo prior to laundering a breeze! 

Stay-Dry Liners are an optional add-on to your Esembly diaper. Our Inners can be used on their own with no Stay-Dry Liner for those who prefer only organic, natural fibers against their baby's skin.

Please note: Fleece is not absorbent. If you're looking for moisture-wicking and an absorbency boost, check out our Overnighters.

Dimensions: 4.75" x 11.5"


Line your cloth diaper with a fresh Stay-Dry Liner any time a moisture-wicking layer is desired. Wash and dry Stay-Dry Liners right along with your Esembly diapers on laundry day.

Stay-Dry Liners can also be used to help remove poo from the diaper once your baby starts solid foods. Consider them like a reusable, washable Tosser. When soiled, simply take the Stay-Dry Liner and shake it over the toilet. Because the poop doesn't stick to the fleece, it should fall right off allowing you to flush the waste and launder the Liner and diaper as usual.

More Info

  • 100% recycled fleece
  • Made in China