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Original Bellaband

by Ingrid & Isabel
Average Rating: 4.6 / 5.0 (300 ratings)
Original Bellaband by Ingrid & Isabel

Customer Reviews of Original Bellaband

This product is rated 4.6 / 5.0 in 300 customer reviews.

Review of Original Bellaband in Black
by in Baton Rouge, LA.
Reviewer Status: 3 Months Pregnant
The BellaBand does exactly what's advertised--I just started using it not long ago to cover up my unzipped pants. It holds them up and smoothes out my pants under my shirts. However, I have had some issues with it riding up above my pants as I sit and stand throughout the day. It requires some adjustment regularly. I also noticed that mine's a little bit snug--I feel like there's a little pressure on my belly that I'm not comfortable with. It just makes me feel like I have tight pants on. I think I could've maybe gone up a size, but then I'm not sure if it would hold things up as well. I'm a big girl to begin with, so that could be just a problem for me. I bought one for my sister-in-law though, and think it's a very useful product--especially early on when you don't want to buy just a size up and maternity clothes are way too big.

Review of Original Bellaband in Black
by in Littleton, CO.
Reviewer Status: 3 months pregnant
I've only used it to help hold up my pre-pregnancy pants so far, but it is amazing! I haven't yet told anyone at work that I am pregnant, so I didn't want to get maternity clothes yet and this band has been my lifesaver--it allows me to keep wearing my same pants, but just opened up a little more at the top for comfort (mostly due to bloating, yay hormones!). The only problem I had with it is that the quality that makes it so good at keeping pants up, also can be a little too much pressure if you have a lot of gas or if your stomach is sensitive to pressure due to morning sickness. However, I really like the BellaBand because it keeps my pants up but is hardly visible while under my clothes. I would recommend this to others.

Review of Original Bellaband in White
by in Upper Saint Clair, PA.
Reviewer Status: 16 weeks pregnant
I tried the BellaBand on at 15 weeks pregnant. It was great at first. My pre-pregnancy pants were unable to be buttoned or zipped. I thought this was the perfect product to extend my wardrobe. I slipped the BellaBand on over my unbuttoned jeans and thought it would be great. As I walked around, the band would gradually slide up my hips and waist, then up my torso. I was constantly tugging it back into place. Unfortunately, I had to return the product. I do have to say, that the product seems to be made of high quality. I have seen imitations of the BellaBand, and although it did not stay in place for me, it did seem to have potential over other similar items. If only it didn’t constantly ride up!

Review of Original Bellaband in Black
by in Columbus, OH.
Reviewer Status: 4 months
I am very petite (103 lbs, 5'2") and haven't really gained too much weight (only 2 lbs)because I have had really bad morning sickenss the first 3 1/2 months. I decided to get the bella band because even though I hadn't gain that much weight, my hips have expanded so my pants are tighter. I have been usuing the bella band so I don't have to buy new pants. Being so petite, the bella band fits, but not snug at all - it still works though. I know I will really love it when my belly starts growing bigger. I'm still very happy I bought it and know it's a good investment for women who don't want to buy tons of maternity clothes. M. Camp

Review of Original Bellaband in Black
Reviewer Status: mother of a 10 month-old
I bought my first BellaBand when I was 4 months pregnant. Nothing fit quite right. My regular clothes felt too snug and maternity clothes were still too big. I'm also 6' tall so everything felt a little short! I wore my BellaBand every single day at first to bridge the gap but then it just made me feel more secure. I even wore it under dresses! After my son was born, I felt SO loose-y goose-y. I wore a BellaBand for at least another month so I wouldn't feel so jiggley. A friend just told me she was pregnant and the first gift I gave her was a BellaBand!

Review of BellaBand in Mediterranean
by in madison, NC.
Reviewer Status: 6 months pregnant
I was very happy with this product. I do not particularly like the color, but the fact that it was half the price of the regular ones made me purchase it due to low income. I cannot find maternity clothes to save my life that I can afford in the plus size range, so this band helps me wear all my regular clothes without having to constantly find maternity to fit me. I would buy from this site in the future for sure! As soon as I get the money, I will definately be purchasing another bella band. Hopefully in black this time!

Review of Original Bellaband in Black
by in Victorville, CA.
Reviewer Status: 14 wks pregnant
I have a smaller waist then hips and a bubble butt. I am a 14W in pants at Fashion Bug or LB. I thought this would be a good idea to keep me in my pants longer and in fact I do not really like at all. Whenever I sit or bend the band rides up and I constantly have to pull it down. I have an active work place which require these motions. I really found it ANNOYING. It was much more relief for me to purchase larger pants with partial stretch in the waist at fashion bug.

Review of Original Bellaband in Black
by in Round Lake, IL.
Reviewer Status: 14 weeks pregnant with #2
While this is very helpful in keeping my materity pants up (since I am in between), and I found it VERY helpful in my last pregnancy when I discovered the band in my 8th month when my pants kept falling down (being pushed by the belly!), I don't find them as useful for wearing my pre-maternity pants. I still find that they fall down (and risk embarrasing exposure when the zipper and button is undone!). Overall, a great product (but a little pricey if you ask me!)

Review of Original Bellaband in White
by in Euclid, OH.
Reviewer Status: Nursing a newborn
The Bella Band is THE MOST important item a pregnant woman can have. It completely eliminates the need to constantly adjust your pants, which is a little thing that made me miserable even early in my pregnancy. My baby is 3 weeks old and I am abount to purchase the next smaller size to smooth out the little bulge I still have. The Bella Band brand is more expensive but also definately better quality that the one I purchased at the maternity store in the mall.

Review of Original Bellaband in Black
Reviewer Status: 5 (almost 6) months pregnant.
I love the bella band! I'm a plus sized woman and so am not showing very much at this stage in my pregnancy. However, I'm beginning to grow out of my regular jeans. The bella band has been a perfect solution for this problem! I can still wear my regular jeans without feeling as though I'm trying to stuff myself into a sausage casing. Also, it's saving me a ton of money because I don't have to buy expensive maternity jeans! Thanks so much!!! -Jena S.

Review of Original Bellaband in Black
by in St. Louis, MO.
Reviewer Status: 5 months pregnant
Great for being able to continue to wear pre-pregnancy pants. However, the band size is uncomfortably tight. I was not in between sizes at all---I was clearly a size 1 in Bella Band and have not put on too much weight so far, and the band was uncomfortable after a full day of wear. It may not be that way for everyone. I will still wear it, but just in shorter increments of time.

Review of Original Bellaband in Black
Reviewer Status: 2nd trimester
A wonderful product that can help extend the life of your pre-pregnancy wardrobe (or postpone the purchase of maternity clothes). So far, it has worked really well for me, as pants still fit me in the seat and thighs---I just can't button them closed. The Bella Band allows me to wear pants unbuttoned and still looks stylish. I'm planning on obtaining more colors...

Review of Original Bellaband in White
Reviewer Status: 23 weeks pregnant
I'm not quite big enough (23 weeks) for the band yet. I feel like it could be tighter, and it doesn't stay in place well on me; I'm always tugging on it and fixing it, especially after sitting or bending over. This may resolve when my belly gets bigger though. Prepreg size 18, ordered a bella band size 3, and I find it a little big at the moment.

Review of Original Bellaband in Black
by in Hamilton Twp, NJ.
Reviewer Status: Baby is 6 weeks
I got the Bella band after I had my baby. My maternity stuff was falling off, but my regular clothes were still too tight. It helped me wear pre-prego clothes sooner and more comfortably. I couldn't take anything tight on my belly after a c-section and the Bella band really helped. It also made me feel better about my post prego body.

Review of Original Bellaband in Black
by in Cliffside Pk, NJ.
Reviewer Status: 3months
This is a fantastic product. Im not really showing, but I need about a 1/4 inch more room in my jeans to say Im "comfortable" I leave my pants unbuttoned and sometimes even with the zipper down and I am pleased to say I dont feel like my pants are going to wind up around my ankles! EXCELLENT PRODUCT and a MUST for all pregnant women!

Review of Original Bellaband in Black
by in San Gabriel, CA.
Reviewer Status: 17 weeks pregnant
At 17 wks and bursting out of my pants/skirts, I was hoping the bella band would help keep my pants/skirts up. However, it's still rather loose on me and while it will lay my unbuttoned pants/skirts flat, it won't really hold them up. Wished it came in different sizes since I really need this before I hit maternity wear...

Review of Original Bellaband in Black
Reviewer Status: 5 months pregnant
Got this as I now cannot fasten the button on my normal jeans and I have also used it when wearing my maternity jeans to hold them up. I was deliberating between size 1 or 2 (i am normally a size 6 jean) but went for the size 2, i'm glad i did as it does fit snugly. Nice soft material and the product does as it says.

Review of Original Bellaband in Black
by in WHEATON, IL.
Reviewer Status: nursing a newborn
I had this item during my pregnancy and found it especially helpful towards the end when all my shirts got short so I used this to keep from flashing people. It's also very helpful postpartum as my stomach adjusts back to its normal size (keep things in place). I have washed it many times and it still holds up.

Review of Original Bellaband in Black
by in Decatur, IL.
Reviewer Status: 5 months
This product allows me to wear my "normal clothes" instead of maternity clothes. I'm at that stage where I can no longer button or zip my pants but I feel it is still too soon for frumpy, expensive maternity clothes. The Bella Band does hold your pants in place even when they are not zipped or buttoned.

Review of Original Bellaband in Black
by in ELMIRA, MI.
I heard of this product through a friend and thought I would buy one for my daughter-in-law who had a difficult time finding maternity clothes. She was amazed at how well your product worked. In the long run it will save her money since she will not have to purchase maternity pants. Excellent idea!!

Review of Original Bellaband in Black
by in Lancaster, TX.
Reviewer Status: 4 months pregnant
I love the way the bella band keeps my unbuttoned pants in place. My only (minor) complaint is that the brown color is labeled as if it is a dark brown (which would coordinate well with a lot of my clothes), but the actual color is a lighter brown that doesn't look quite as natural.

Review of Original Bellaband in White
Reviewer Status: nursing a newborn
works great to hold up my maternity pants now that I'm no longer pregnant. I have hips and so whenever I sit down the band rolls up and its a bit bothersome, but I'd rather be pulling the band back down when i stand up as opposed to showing my belly to my co-workers :)

Review of Original Bellaband in White
by in Chicago, IL.
Reviewer Status: 6 1/2 months pregnant
FANTASTIC product! A friend recommended the bella band to me as I was struggling for months with finding good fitting maternity pants. No more - this product allows me to wear almost ALL of my pre-pregnancy pants, easily and comfortably. My advice - buy every color.

Review of Original Bellaband in Black
by in tulsa, OK.
Reviewer Status: 4+ months
Worth every penny. It works! It allowed for me to stay in my regular clothes longer. I hated the idea of buying early pregnancy clothing because my regular clothes became too tight and the maternity clothes were way too big. It is great for those in-between months.

Review of Original Bellaband in Black
by in SEATTLE, WA.
Reviewer Status: 5 months pregnant
This worked great to hold up my jeans that weren't fitting. I love the layering look as well. It can get a little uncomfortable by the end of day - i'm anxious to free my belly. But, this does exactly what it's supposed to. Soft cotton as well so doesn't irritate.