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Belly Bandit Bamboo

by Belly Bandit
Available in Black and Natural
Average Rating: 4.2 / 5.0 (56 ratings)
Belly Bandit Bamboo by Belly Bandit

Customer Reviews of Belly Bandit Bamboo

This product is rated 4.2 / 5.0 in 56 customer reviews. Read reviews below.

Review of Belly Bandit Bamboo in Natural
by K. C. in Sterling Heights, MI.
Reviewer Status: nursing 10 wk old - 3rd child
comfortable to wear - great fabric! wish I would have had this after my first two pregnacies product is good for wearing around the house, doesn't work well with hourglass shape and shows under clothes (turning the velcro to the side under the arm helps some but the top still stuck out for me), I had to exchange for a larger size and the exchange process was quick if I could do it over I would have only bought one size (others recommend getting 2 sizes so I did), I was still in the first one when I went back to work at 7 weeks and the second one is still in its box

Review of Belly Bandit Bamboo in Natural
by M. G. in HOUSTON, TX.
Reviewer Status: nursing a newborn
Love the Bamboo. It is worth the extra bucks for extra comfort. I put mine on before leaving the hospital and shy of two weeks later I had to order the next size down (XS) and now at 4 1/2 weeks I have tightened it as much at that size can go.Point being if you value your health, body and figure it is worth it. I believe in belly binding and have done it after all 3 pregnancies but wish I had found this product before with my first 2 because I'll repeat it again, "I love the Bamboo."

Review of Belly Bandit Bamboo in Natural
by N. N. in Millbrae, CA.
Reviewer Status: 1.5 week old newborn
I'm already in my old pants! This is my third child, and the first time I've tried the belly bandit, or anything like it. Totally worth the money! I started wearing the first size I bought 1.5 days after my baby was born. That lasted about 3 or 4 days, and then I went to the next size down, which has gotten me into my jeans now, and my baby is a week and a half old! Would absolutely recommend the belly bandit! I bought the Bamboo, and the BFF, I like the bamboo best.

Review of Belly Bandit Bamboo in Natural
by J. L. in Tarawa Terrace, NC.
Reviewer Status: nursing a newborn
the support on my abdomen was great but, it hurt my back. After an hour or wearing it, my lower back felt tired, like I'd been bending down all day! As tight as I wore it,it also kept riding up from my waist. I disliked the square shape,I did wear it after 24 hrs of delivering my baby, and I felt like it should of been more hour glass shaped, it was to squared for me and think that was the cause for the garmet not staying in place.I was disatisfied completley!

Review of Belly Bandit Bamboo in Black
by t. L. in Naples, FL.
Reviewer Status: 2 months post-partum
This is my second belly bandit. The first one worked so well that I shrunk to my pre-pregnancy size within one month, so I needed the smaller size to keep on shrinking! I use the bigger size to hold a heat pack in place while I walk around the house doing chores. The belly bandit is a great product that washes well, provides a lot of support (back and belly), but I personally never figured out how to hide it well under clothes.

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Review of Belly Bandit Bamboo in Natural
by S. S. in Bluff City, TN.
Reviewer Status: Nursing a 1 month old
The belly bandit bamboo has made me feel so much better about myself and how my post baby belly looks after gaining over 40 pounds. It's took a few days to fit into a small but after I got it on, it felt like I was able to Velcro a little tighter each day. Having a c section it also made me feel much more comfortable. I love this product and recommend it to all of my friends!

Review of Belly Bandit Bamboo in Natural
by M. V. in HOLLYWOOD, FL.
Reviewer Status: newborn
Excellent product!!! I bought a couple of postpartum belts, some of them from Baby's R Us, they do NOT work. This belt absolutely works!! My belly goes down every day that I put it on. Don't be discouraged if it does not fit the very first or second day after you give birth; give it maybe until day 5 or 6 and then put it on. Even if it's tight, keep it on! It really works!

Review of Belly Bandit Bamboo in Natural
by K. M. in Martensville, Saskatchewan.
Reviewer Status: 10 month old son.
I am so amazed with this product! My son is already 10 months and this product is normally recommended for mothers who have just had their child. it was so comfortable after the second day on! I notice a difference already and I've only had it on for 2 weeks. my stomach has slimmed and tightened. The only complaint I have is that you can see it through some of my clothes.

Review of Belly Bandit Bamboo in Natural
by R. R. in Hallsville, TX.
Reviewer Status: nursing a newborn
product really helped me get around in the first week after delivery but seems a little restictive now that everything is finding it's way back to where it is suppose to be. It makes me feel a lot more confident when venturing out into the world, I dont have that extra skin hanging out there, I dread hearing that question "when are you due, 3-4 weeks after delivery! lol

Review of Belly Bandit Bamboo in Natural
by S. B. in Baton rouge, LA.
Reviewer Status: nursing a preemie
So glad I found this product. Even if the slimming effect does not stay (I've only been using it for a week so no clue about long term effects) it is EXCELLENT for support after my C-section. Only drawback is that it took a little investigation to get it correctly strapped on. But Belly Bandit has a video on their website that is really helpful.

Review of Belly Bandit Bamboo in Black
by C. C. in Columbia, SC.
Reviewer Status: Nursing a newborn
It does what it says and is mildly helpful for back support, but, even though I'm tall, it does bunch when changing positions. Consequently, I get a little annoyed by it and abandon it midday while nursing or moving about with my arms full of baby. I'm not sure if there's really anything to be done about that, though :/

Review of Belly Bandit Bamboo in Natural
by N. N. in Millbrae, CA.
Reviewer Status: 4 weeks post partum
Love the bamboo! Especially in this summer heat! It doesn't feel wet with me sweating with it on. Also, I purchased the BFF, but I'd only recommend buying this one (of the two). BFF was uncomfy, and started bending in half. But I love the bamboo one! Also, I moved from the M to the S in about a week! Amazing!

Review of Belly Bandit Bamboo in Natural
by J. G. in Omro, WI.
Reviewer Status: Diastasis Recti/Over a year from having 2 in a row
Although I have to buy the smaller size, it has made me feel so much better about myself. I have diastasis Recti and can't have surgery for a few years, so this will for sure help. It holds my stomach in and is very comfortable. I wear it as much as possible. I will be ordering the small or extra small next.

Review of Belly Bandit Bamboo in Natural
by J. C. in West Valley, UT.
Reviewer Status: Nursing a newborn
Slightly disappointed in the amount this size small has rolled...I have a very long torso! There is a considerable difference in the width from the medium to the small. I only got to wear the medium for about a week before I was ready for the small. This is my 3rd baby-and I do think it has helped!

Review of Belly Bandit Bamboo in Black
by L. L. in Augusta, GA.
Reviewer Status: nursing newborn
I like the support it gives and it seems to help. The only thing that I don't like is that it won't stay in place, nor will it remain smooth as the day progresses. I believe this my be because I have a short torso. I like the company's no hassle return/exchange policy as well.

Review of Belly Bandit Bamboo in Natural
by M. A. in JERSEY CITY, NJ.
Reviewer Status: nursing a 9 month old
I bought 2 bamboo belly bandits to give to pregnant friends. I used the same one after my pregnancy and my stomach literally shrunk! I loved the soft fabric so much, I didn't mind wearing this all the time. This was such a wonderful product that I buy it for all my friends!

Review of Belly Bandit Bamboo in Natural
by P. T. in Charlottesville, VA.
A helpful product for this c-section mom. I'd originally purchased a large and needed to size down to the medium after a couple of weeks, and I've heard from many other moms that they've had the same experience. You might want to prepare yourself to buy two in advance.

Review of Belly Bandit Bamboo in Black
by E. M. in Mount Laurel, NJ.
Reviewer Status: Nursing a newborn
The belly bandit is good.  I only have one issue though.  It appears that it is designed for someone with a longer torso and not for someone who is shorter.  The top of the belly bandit rubs against my breasts which makes it uncomfortable to wear all the time.

Review of Belly Bandit Bamboo in Black
by w. m. in Blackfalds, AB.
Reviewer Status: 8 months pregnant
Can't give review yet as I'm about an other 5-6 weeks away from having baby. I hope it works and hope the sizing ends up working well for me once baby is born. Review based on the quality which seems great only 3 stars as I not been able to use it yet

Review of Belly Bandit Bamboo in Black
by C. R. in el monte, CA.
Reviewer Status: Newborn
I wore this 2 weeks after I had my newborn. I been wearing it for 2 weeks exactly and seems to be getting the job done :) The material is comfortable, the only downfall is that the band disfigured and it has only been 2 weeks.

Review of Belly Bandit Bamboo in Black
by V. S. in Kennewick, WA.
Reviewer Status: 3 weeks after baby
Awesome product. Love the material on it, it doesn't seem to hurt my body as much as other ones do, the only downside of it is that you can really see it under clothes but it really does the job so it's worth it!

Review of Belly Bandit Bamboo in Natural
by s. h. in Mt. Pleasant, SC.
Reviewer Status: nursing a newborn
The reviews said this would improve nursing posture but I find it hard to nurse with it on (seems a little bulky and my infant isn't as close). It does show under a lot of clothes but I still wear it a good bit!

Review of Belly Bandit Bamboo in Natural
by N. L. in alexandria, OR.
Reviewer Status: 35 weeks pregnant
I haven't had a chance to use my Belly Bandit yet but just form pulling it out of the package I can tell that the Bamboo is definitely something I won't be disappointed with It's so soft but still has support.

Review of Belly Bandit Bamboo in Natural
by J. D. in Phoenix, AZ.
Super soft and light enough to wear under anything. I am so excited to use this and order an extra small next ;) As always figure 8 sent immediately and I am once again super happy with using this website.

Review of Belly Bandit Bamboo in Black
by K. K. in Tampa, FL.
Reviewer Status: nursing 2 week old
Can't wear as much as I'd like. Had to have a c-section and my incision is very low, to wear band over it it's hard to sit down. I wear it to sleep in. Also the sound of the ripping velcro disturbs my baby.