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Lila Tummy Tuck Maxi Nursing Dress

by Maternal America
Average Rating: 4.8 / 5.0 (4 ratings)
Lila Tummy Tuck Maxi Nursing Dress by Maternal America

Customer Reviews of Lila Tummy Tuck Maxi Nursing Dress

This product is rated 4.8 / 5.0 in 4 customer reviews.

Review of Lila Tummy Tuck Maxi Nursing Dress in Black
by in Fanwood, NJ.
Reviewer Status: 5 months pregnant
Beautiful dress, very nice lines and shape. I bought this dress for a wedding right near my due date. I don't know whether I'll be pregnant at that point or nursing, but it works for both! The fabric is super stretchy if I'm pregnant. And the included nursing tank/tummy smoother will be much appreciated if I'm nursing. For a wedding, it will definitely need some shoes & jewelry to dress it up. But on the flip side, It's nice to know I can wear it again for a less formal occasion with more casual accessories. Because of the stretchiness, I would recommend ordering your regular size (not up), even if you'll be very pregnant wearing it. I'm 5'4" and the size medium dress is about an inch off the floor in bare feet. The size large definitely touched the floor.

Review of Lila Tummy Tuck Maxi Nursing Dress in Navy
by in Clifton, NJ.
Reviewer Status: 5 months postpartum/nursing
Classic elegant dress. I love the drape of the fabric. Very easy access for nursing but no one had any idea it was a nursing dress. I dressed this up for a wedding and will wear it to 2 more before the summer is over. I love the tummy tuck panel/tank but for me it mostly smoothes and I don't notice any "tummy tuck" however I will take anything I can get and the effect of the smoothing tank is nice. I am very happy that the tank is a separate piece with a high neckline because I don't like to show lots of cleavage. I am 5'3" so this dress was a little long and I had to hem it. Overall I love this dress - comfortable for nursing and classic lines for wearing to any event.

Review of Lila Tummy Tuck Maxi Nursing Dress in Black
by in Reseda, CA.
Reviewer Status: Nursing a 5 months old
The dress is actually better looking in person. It is very flattering, even with a post pregnancy tummy. I ended up returning it because it was too plain for what I was looking for (although you can dress it up with the right accessories), and too short to my liking- I'm 5'6 and it hit right above my feet.

Review of Lila Tummy Tuck Maxi Nursing Dress in Black
by in tampa, FL.
Reviewer Status: Nursing a 7 month old
Very flattering dress - enhances your figure instead of making you look pregnant. Love the nursing openings - discreet. Will dress up for a wedding in June and wear with flip flops and more delicate jewelry other occasions.