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Majamas Padded Sporty Bra

by Majamas
Average Rating: 4.1 / 5.0 (7 ratings)
Majamas Padded Sporty Bra by Majamas

Customer Reviews of Majamas Padded Sporty Bra

This product is rated 4.1 / 5.0 in 7 customer reviews. Read reviews below.

Review of Majamas Padded Sporty Bra in Marron
by L. D. in Edmonton, AB.
Reviewer Status: Baby due any day now
I wanted to love this, because it has such a beautiful pattern and it looks like it should fit perfectly. However, there is no support with this bra. Unless you plan to use it as a night bra, I would reconsider purchasing it. My bra size is 34C, so it's not as if I have a huge chest that needs massive support. Even with my size, this bra did not not the trick in flattering my chest. The padding inserts are flimsy and have no use, so I ended up purchasing high quality ones from my local fabric shop. This helped tremendously, but still, not what I expected. I think a lot has to do with the fabric of the bra. It is lightweight/flimsey and offers too much give and not enough hold.

Review of Majamas Padded Sporty Bra in Black Lace
by C. S. in Boise, ID.
Reviewer Status: Nursing
I love the feminine touch of the lace. The pads are nice. However, I wish they were round. The semi curved shape folds up when you lower the bra for nursing. So that when you put the bra back on, you often have to reach in the pocket to straighten it out.

Review of Majamas Padded Sporty Bra in Lacey Amaya
by E. B. in Millstone Township, NJ.
Reviewer Status: 8 months pregnant
Not the right fit for me. I am broad but flat chested. I am currently wearing a 36B bra with an extender as big as it goes. The Large in this bra fit me fine but the elastic band was a little uncomfortable and I don't think I would like it for sleeping.

Review of Majamas Padded Sporty Bra in Fall Sprigs
by J. V. in Chicago, IL.
Reviewer Status: Nursing
Runs a little small. I am usually a 34A but with nursing I've been a 34B and needed a Medium. Once I got the right size, I love it! The print is sexy and the bra is very functional - day, night, easy to nurse!

Review of Majamas Padded Sporty Bra in Oasis
by K. P. in Aurora, IL.
Reviewer Status: Nursing and overweight!
SO comfortable. I hate wearing bras when nursing, but this one I actually enjoy. I use the padding when leaving the house, and take it out when I'm home (super easy to put in and take out). I LOVE it.

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Review of Majamas Padded Sporty Bra in Oasis
by W. V. in Shidler, OK.
Reviewer Status: Nursing
LOVE!!! This is the perfect bra. It's sold as a nursing bra, but it would be perfect for anyone wanting a comfy, racerback bra. The foamcups give you a smooth silhouette;)

Review of Majamas Padded Sporty Bra in Oasis
by J. M. in Mamaroneck, NY.