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Postpartum Abdominal Binder

by Q-T Intimates
(Product #11667)
Product Ratings: (123)

Postpartum Abdominal Binder (9 inch) (Beige) by Q-T Intimates
Size: XS

More Info

  • 95% polyester, 5% spandex
  • Hand Wash Warm Water, no bleach
  • Made in China


Buyer Comment:

Measure the circumference of your belly- post pregnancy- at the widest point and choose your size.

Label Size

Customer Reviews

I was working on a 6-pack prior to getting pregnant and I had 4... I wondered what my torso would look like after giving birth. Well one full day of wearing this and my top 2 abs were very apparent! Very happy I didn't spend a boat load of money on the other binders. I got a size medium and I should have gotten a small because I wore the binder as tight as it would allow from day 1. If I had gotten a small I could have worn it longer, but still very happy with my results. Also it was nice to just wear for support in my back. I had back labor and I swear the only part of me that was sore post-partum was my back lol. The binder just made me feel so much more comfy and pain free in recovery. Although I have never tried the other binders out there, if I have another baby I will be using this one again. Can't beat the price!
Reviewed by
works great. glad i didnt spend 80bucks on the other one. Definately get a size smaller than what you think.. i had to exchange mine but this site is so good they sent me my replace ment before i even got a chance to send them the one i had back!! only problem is that it rolls in back a bit and i wish it was wider..but im 6 feet tall so im used to things being too short for me.but its really helped alot!! i look almost like i did before i was pregnant and ive only used this for 2 weeks.. i wear it all the time including when i sleep.
Reviewed by , nursing a newborn
I started wearing this about 4 days postpartum. It literally worked within days, I was making it smaller and smaller with each day that passed. I even had to order a smaller size, which is what I'm currently wearing. I wear it all day, except for when I go to bed. For the price, this is a great product! I'm so glad I didn't spend the money on other (overpriced) belly binders. Also, wearing this helped with my aching back. My one am only complaint is that it does scrunch up and I'm having to adjust it every time I sit or stand up.
Reviewed by , Nursing a newborn
I'm glad I decided to listen to the other reviews and order a smaller size, because otherwise I would have had to exchange it. I measured at the maximum Large measurement, and the medium is perfect. In fact, it's working so well I think I may even end up ordering a small in the future. I wish I would have used one of these after my first child! Only real negative is that it has a tendency to bunch up, ride up, and roll. If I do order another one, I think I'll go with the 9" instead of the 12".
Reviewed by , nursing a newborn
after looking everywhere for a corset type stomach cincher I finally found this one which I love. It works great at holding everything in and you can feel it keep things in place which is what I thought lacked in other products. The only thing I don't enjoy is where you stick it together. It tends to bunch up and the velcro part moves so it pokes you. I usually just readjust it again and I'm fine. It's a great product and will definately be using it on my next pregnancy.
Reviewed by , nursing a newborn
I had first purchased the size small and it was way too small, so I exchanged it to large and it fit perfectly. I used it almost every day and it was very comfortable. After 1 month or so, the large became too big as I got smaller, and I purchased the medium one, but this is also almost too big so I am exchanging for size small. My baby is 3 months now, I'm so happy I went from size large to small in such short period of time! Will definitely recommend.
Reviewed by , nursing
This waist nipper is doing it's job. My stomach is going down and my back and abs are getting extra support. I chose the medium even though the measurement chart suggested a large. It fit the first day after I gave birth. At times it rides up and needs to be readjusted. I don't know if that would be true for other brands. I chose this band because of the price and I chose this site because of the great return policy.
Reviewed by , Nursing a Newborn
Less expensive than other "belly binding" options I've seen for sale. This is the only one I've actually tried so I can't attest to whether it fits or performs better than other options. I started using it about a week after my daughter's birth. Really like the support it gave for my "loosey goosey" midsection. Seems to really be helping. Today I was able to comfortably put on a pair of pre-pregnancy pants!
Reviewed by , 3 weeks post-partum, nursing a newborn

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