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Rumina Hands-Free Pump&Nurse™ Racerback Bra

by Rumina
(Product #17114)
Product Ratings: (8)

Rumina Hands-Free Pump&Nurse™ Racerback Bra (Black) by Rumina
Size: XS
Rumina Hands-Free Pump&Nurse™ Racerback Bra (White) by Rumina
Sizes: XS, XL

Product Description

Rumina's Hands-Free Pump&Nurse™ Racerback Bra is made of soft jersey knit cotton that gently stretches to accommodate sensitive, engorged breasts and offers mom light-to-moderate support. It's the perfect bra for the 3rd trimester and newly postpartum moms. It offers her easy pull aside access at night for baby and easy access to pump when she needs to without having to disrobe. She can wear it all night and all day, too. Mom can also breastfeed and pump at the same time making it a perfect foundation to support your breastfeeding relationship. As always, Rumina's products work with ALL major breast pumps.

  • Light-to-Moderate Support
  • Simple hands-free pumping bra, no hooks, Velcro, straps or zippers
  • Easy pull aside nursing access without clasps
  • Perfect to wear all day and night
  • Perfect for nursing and pumping at the same time

More Info

  • 94% Cotton, 6% Spandex
  • Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low heat. Wash and dry with like colors. Reshape when damp. Do not bleach.
  • Made in China
  • Nursing Access: Pull Aside

  • Designed in the USA and Imported

  • US Patent Numbers 8,469,770 and 9,155,339. Additional Patents Pending.


Buyer Comment:

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Size Chart for Rumina Hands-Free Pump&Nurse™ Racerback Bra

Customer Reviews

I wanted a bra that could easily give access for nursing and pumping, and it did one of those things only ok. Both aere difficult because there are two panels that you have to move aside and when you do, it's off-center from my nipples. For nursing I just end up pulling the bra down off me completely. For pumping, again off-center from nipples so I'd have the pump pulling my breasts apart and making it uncomfortable to pump. It did make it hands-free, but it was awkward. The bra also doesn't fit correctly for me. I'm a 36D or 34DD and the large was too small around my chest (wouldn't lay flat) and too small around my breasts. The medium was even worse. Because there's also a lot of material, it was sweaty. I live in the desert, it's just too hot to use. I think the bra is severely overpriced for what it is, and after just one wash the material is distorting and stretching - particularly on the racerback straps. Just terrible quality for the price, and the measurements are incorrect.
Reviewed by , Nursing newborn, pumping 8x a day
I like this bra except for the crossover seam that passes right by my sore nipples. Also the opening for the pump phalanges is all the way over at the side. You have to really maneuver the phalange to pass it through and run the risk of it rubbing on your sore nipples. The bra fits like a very comfortable sports bra otherwise. I ordered 3 and have been wearing them everyday since they arrived. For nursing I just pull the bra down.
Reviewed by , Nursing and pumping for my preemie in the NICU
I purchased for the end of pregnancy and hope to use when nursing and pumping. Fits well, slightly snug at the end of the day. I purchased a size small, and plan to get a medium to allow more room to grow and to sleep in. I like that this bra is comfortable like a sports bra, but the criss cross pattern still gives me a shape.
Reviewed by , 8 months pregnant
Allows me to nurse on one side and pump on the other at the same time and still have my hands free. I wear this ever single day.
Reviewed by , Nursing a Newborn
Item fits well. Even after a long day it is not uncomfortable. The color is more orange than red.
Reviewed by , 8 months
Less comfortable than the classic crossover. The straps dig into your neck/shoulders.
Reviewed by , Pumping for an infant
Wish I had more. Love it.
Reviewed by , nursing 8 week old
Reviewed by , Nursing newborn

About Rumina

Rumina is a mom-invented and designed product, solely owned and operated by moms committed to providing you with quality products that will last throughout your breastfeeding journey.