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Breast-Warmers™for Vasospasm Silk & Wool (1 Pair)

by Breast-Warmers
(Product #21163)

We do not currently have any Breast-Warmers™for Vasospasm Silk & Wool (1 Pair) available for sale

Product Description

Relief for nipple vasospasm. (Raynauds of the nipple)

Wear Breast-Warmers continuously for gentle warmth, all day and night for relief from vasospasm.

Thin, pliable and wonderfully soft!

Why use Breast-Warmers™for Vasospasm? Because gentle consistent warmth can relieve the pain and discomfort from vasospasm (Raynauds of the nipple) Be aware of hot water and hot packs as they can burn without you even realising, they don’t provide consistent and never safe and gentle warmth.

How do I get the best relief from Vasospasm? Wear Breast-Warmers™continuously for gentle warmth, all day and night. Avoid getting cold, including your hands, and avoid exposure to drafts. If you suffer severe condition of nipple vasospasm you may require medication in addition to the warm therapy. Consult your medical practitioner or lactation consultant. For mild to moderate conditions of vasospasm wearing Breast-Warmers™for Vasospasm continuously often gives sufficient relief.

What is vasospasm? ABA (Australian Breastfeeding Association) explains it here: “Vasospasm happens when blood vessels tighten and go into spasm, so that blood does not flow normally. Mothers with vasospasm of the nipple feel sharp pain, burning or stinging in the nipple. It is usually accompanied by sudden whitening of the nipple, followed by a colour change from red to blue. There are two main causes of nipple vasospasm. It can be a response of the nipple to trauma, if the baby is not attached to the breast well. In this case, it tends to occur following breastfeeds. Attention to how your baby attaches can help resolve this problem. Vasospasm that occurs at random times not related to breastfeeds is more likely to be a condition related to Raynaud’s phenomenon, where a person experiences similar symptoms in fingers, toes, etc in response to exposure to cold.”

Can Breast-Warmers™overheat and burn me or my baby? Never! This is a gentle and safe breast aid, with no risk of burning, inconsistent or uncomfortable heat. Never apply hot water or hot pack to the breast as it does not take much to burn and harm delicate breast-tissue.Breast-Warmers™are gentle and safe for both mum and baby.

Can Breast-Warmers™be used for other applications than breastfeeding? Yes. Place on uterus for gentle pain relief after birth, hold in place with clothing. Also great to alleviate period pain. Breast-Warmers™may be suitable post surgery, check with your surgeon if this is applicable to you. “These were great. My friend had issues with coldness following augmentation and these really helped her out. Comfy too!” USA customer.

Does Breast-Warmers™for Vasospasm absorb leaking milk?To some extent yes. If you leak quite a lot use nursing pads over or under Breast-Warmers™. Ideally have two or three pairs of Breast-Warmers™so you have a clean dry pair on hand to swap over.

For blocked milk ducts, mastitis, aid letdown and expressing it’s better to wear our alternative pear shaped Breast-Warmers™simply because they cover a larger area and the ducts towards your armpit. Vasospasm is limited to the nipple. For best results use the most suitable product for your situation. Here is the link to the larger pear shaped Breast-Warmers

More Info

  • Silk/Wool
  • Rinse in cold water before washing; machine wash using warm water in gentle cycle; do not use fabric softener; hang to dry
  • Made in Sweden
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