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MEDCOAT® Flavored Pill Coating (10 ct.)-4-Pack Bundle

by Medcoat Pill Coating
(Product #21256)

We do not currently have any MEDCOAT® Flavored Pill Coating (10 ct.)-4-Pack Bundle available for sale

Product Description

Buy 4-packs of 10 ct. and Save

MEDCOAT® is an amazing new product that will revolutionize the way you take medications. MEDCOAT® covers pills and capsules with a coating camouflaging the bad taste of any medicine. It’s sugar, soy, and gluten free. This coating stimulates saliva production aiding in the swallowing process. The special coating applicator is easy to use and can work on any size shaped pill or capsule.


  • MEDCOAT® covers pills and capsules with a coating camouflaging the bad taste of any medicine.
  • Sugar, Soy and Gluten Free. No artificial flavors or colors in MEDCOAT® Citrus lemon/lime or Strawberry flavors.


  • Pills and capsules are covered in a slippery coating making it easy to swallow them.
  • The coating is flavored which stimulates saliva production further aiding the swallowing process.
  • Perfect for coating pills with sharp edges or ones that have been halved or quartered.
  • MEDCOAT® dissolves quickly once swallowed.


  • Contains only food ingredients that are not known to interact with drugs.
  • No known contraindications with any drugs.
  • Many pills should not be crushed and using MEDCOAT® will allow many patients to take the pill without the need to do this first.


  • Helps to ensure patients are taking the right dose of their prescribed medications.
  • Encourages patients to complete their prescribed and non-prescribed medicine regimens.
  • One MEDCOAT® applicator can coat up to two pills depending on the size.
  • Allows doctors to prescribe the pill version of a patients medication rather than the liquid form, which is often bad tasting and dosed improperly.

More Info

  • Made in Sweden