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figure8moms blog


by Stephanie

As a mom-to-be, (well a mom of a newborn again, I already have two older children,)  eagerly awaiting the arrival of my little one, I poured over countless lists and recommendations on what to pack in my hospital bag. Now that I've experienced the journey firsthand, I wanted to share my personal must-haves for the big day. Here's what I packed and why it made all the difference in my birthing experience:

  1. Comfort is Key:
  • Soft, loose-fitting pajamas were a lifesaver during labor and those early days postpartum. They made me feel cozy and relaxed, which was exactly what I needed.  I wore this hospital gown by Everly Grey during labor.  After the baby was born, I found these nursing pajama sets so comfortable and put together. It comes with a matching baby gown for the sweetest mom and baby photos.


  • Slippers and socks may seem like a small thing, but they made all the difference when walking around the hospital. Plus, they added a touch of home comfort.
  1. Little Luxuries:
  • Bringing my own toiletries was a game-changer. There's something comforting about using your favorite shampoo and body wash, especially during such an emotional time.  The first shower after birth is amazing, especially with your own stuff.
  • I packed my favorite lip balm, and let me tell you, it was a savior during labor. It kept my lips hydrated and made me feel a little more put together.
  1. Mommy Must-Haves:
  • Nursing bras were a no-brainer, but my favorite one was the Bravado Designs Ballet Nursing Bra, because it was easy to use with its nursing friendly access.  I also made sure to pack some nursing pads  and nipple cream. Trust me, your nipples will thank you later!
  • I brought along my trusty pillow from home, and it made all the difference in getting some much-needed rest between contractions.
  • Your favorite water bottle.  
  1. Entertainment Essentials:
  • My tablet loaded with my favorite movies and TV shows was a lifesaver during those long hours of early labor; early labor can last over 24 hours…it did for me.   It helped distract me and kept my mind off the pain.
  • I also packed a playlist of my favorite songs, which helped me stay calm and relaxed during the more intense moments of labor.
  • Don't forget your charger
  1. Baby's First Outfit:
  • Packing an adorable outfit for my little one's journey home was such a special moment for me. It made everything feel real and tangible, and I couldn't wait to dress my baby in it.   I chose these magnetic footies in bedford floral.  I later learned to love these fast changing baby footies and purchased more.
  1. Postpartum Prep:
  • Maternity pads, therapy packs  and comfy post partum underwear were essential for those first few days post-birth. Trust me, you'll want something soft and breathable and cold  down there!
  • A peri bottle, perineal balm,  and some stool softeners were absolute lifesavers in the days following birth. They made going to the bathroom so much more comfortable.

Packing my hospital bag was a deeply personal experience for me, and having these items with me made me feel more prepared and in control during labor and delivery. Every mom's journey is unique, so feel free to customize your bag with whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident. Here's to a beautiful birthing experience filled with love, joy, and plenty of happy memories!